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generalelectric:In the 1960s, GE set out to create Hardiman, a mechanical exoskeleton that could give its user the ability to lift up to 1,500 pounds. Unfortunately, the suit’s size, weight, stability and power-supply issues prevented it from ever leaving the laboratory. Kevin Weir at flux machine recently re- animated the wearable tech to help us imagine what Hardiman might have been. 
kasuminews:support net neutrality
gif-t-s:"time drops"

140914 diversity, freedom - objects of illusion  


Iceland: surrounded by the sea (x)


Here’s video of the solar storm that could be giving rise to Auroras right now when it was blasting off the sun (taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory - SDO).

Credit to NASA, more here. 

timemagazine:TIME’s new cover: Never Offline. The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable tech will change your life